Are your diamonds ethical?

YES! All of my diamonds are ethically sourced in accordance with the highest international standards.

How do I inquire or get the price of a custom ring I saw on social media?

For inquiries on custom pieces, please email

How do I make an appointment?

I would love to hear your design ideas. Click here to schedule a phone meeting with Alexis (that’s me!). Next, I will provide you with a custom quote and we can schedule a design meeting.

Do you carry lab grown diamonds?

Sure do! I have a wide selection of lab grown diamonds. Select your own centre stone in a private diamond viewing.

Do you carry moissanite?

I carry with the very highest quality moissanite. Choose your own centre stone in our design meeting.

Do you carry gemstones?

I love to work with sapphires, emeralds, rubies, morganite, pearls, opals, aquamarine, tanzanites, alexandrite, amethysts, citrine, garnets, peridot, topaz, tourmaline, coloured diamonds and many more! You’ll get to choose your own in a private gemstone viewing.

Do you carry black diamonds or grey diamonds?

Absolutely! I have a wide selection of grey diamonds, black diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds and rustic rose cut diamonds. Check out my sister company Turnsmith Jewelry to browse diamonds.

Do you carry rose cut diamonds?

Yes, I love to work with oh-so-unique, rose cut diamonds. Check out my sister company Turnsmith Jewelry to browse diamonds.

How do I figure out my partner’s ring size… secretly?

If you visit a store with your partner, be sure to have their finger sized and take note. To secretly find a ring size, you will need to be sly. You can stealthily “borrow” a ring your partner wears, and have your local jewellery store check the size. Make sure the ring is worn on their ring finger. Another option is to have your partner’s friend/sibling help. A friend can casually have your partner try on one of their rings, to evaluate the fit. Just in case- most rings can be resized.

How long does the custom process take? 

Approximately 4-6 weeks. Shorter and longer timelines may be accommodated as well.

Is custom jewellery more expensive?

Surprisingly, no. You can expect a higher quality ring for the same cost or less than a generic big-box store.

Do I have to be in Toronto?

I work with international clients. Diamond/gemstone options and 3D digital design sketches can be viewed in detail via phone meetings. This ensures that you have total control over your custom design, before it’s securely shipped to your door.

I have an engagement ring already; can you make a wedding band to match?

Absolutely. I can handcraft a perfectly fitting and matching wedding ring to complement your engagement ring.

Do you make men’s wedding rings?

Yes. I create completely custom men’s bands. From super simple to textured, rugged, grey or black… the options are limitless.

Can you redesign my engagement ring?

Yes, I can create a new ring using your engagement ring materials.

Can I bring my own diamond or gemstone? 

I love bringing new life to heirloom diamonds and gemstones. I work with heirloom diamonds/gemstones which are structurally sound for resetting. I take pride in ethically sourcing quality stones; aside from heirlooms I do not work with outside diamonds/gemstones.

Do you work with gold and platinum?

I work with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

How should I care for my ring? Are there any activities I should avoid while wearing it?

Please see our Care & Cleaning guide.