Zenith & Nadir
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Sunday, April 07, 2013
By Alexis Smith
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For the first Alexis Gallery Blog post, I'm excited to share Zenith & Nadir, my latest creation. I crafted this engagement ring and wedding band for Zilberschmuck Gallery's anual jurried exhibition of Canadian jewellery and metal arts. The theme of "transformation" inspired me to create jewellery which explores the transformative nature of gold and diamonds. Zenith is crafted with a raw Canadian Arctic diamond and polished diamonds. For Nadir, raw gold is inlaid in refined gold.  

Artist Statement:

Time and pressure. Together they have the power to transform the most elementary particles in the universe into one of the most coveted natural resources on earth. From the rough, comes the diamond, raw with potential and transformed through skilled labour into a brilliant gem. With time, the earth will bear untold new diamonds; not so with precious gold. This buried treasure was married to the earth’s crust by chance, when asteroids kissed our planet eons ago.

Zenith & Nadir exhibit the beauty of these raw elements, exposing the process and transformative nature by juxtaposing them with their polished counterparts. Zenith mimics an asteroid on its journey through the stars above. Encased in refined gold, Nadir evokes the raw treasures encrusted in the earth below. Gold and diamonds. Bound together from the depths of the planet and the vast universe; a union as magical and unlikely as two souls finding one another.

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