The Trend Report: Rose Gold
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Friday, June 06, 2014
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Rose gold is what’s trending this season in both the fine jewelry and fashion jewelry markets.

While this lovely, pink-hued metal has been used in jewelry pieces for decades, recently rose gold jewelry has increased in popularity in every jewelry avenue. Rose gold is now seen in fine jewelry, engagement and wedding ring settings, watches and also fashion jewelry pieces. In fact, now men’s watches and other jewelry pieces are even sporting rose gold accents!

Jewelers like pink or rose gold for its color and versatility. The soft pink hue complements most skin tones. The warmth of rose gold jewelry brings out the underlying pink tones of skin in contrast to the bling factor of white and yellow gold. Also, jewelers like how rose gold brings out the natural beauty of diamonds as well as many colored gemstones. Rose gold tends to complement many colors rather than to compete with them. Pairing rose gold with diamonds allows more attention to be drawn to the diamonds than to the rose gold setting they’re placed in.

The color of rose gold lends itself well to both vintage and contemporary jewelry styles. Rose gold’s subtle soft color gives a feeling of old-world style, reminiscent of Victorian styles, fashion and colors. However, because rose gold has only recently gained wide-spread attention and appeal, jewelers have been able to use it to create successful modern designs that are popular, sleek and refreshing.

Rose gold jewelry’s recent increased popularity can be attributed to several factors. First, it’s different. For the woman, or man, who is less traditional, rose gold jewelry offers an alternative to the more common white or yellow gold jewelry. Also, the soft pink tone of rose gold pieces works well with the colors and hues of the soft colors and feminine styles popular in women’s fashion right now. The rose color seems to offer a vintage look to any jewelry, another popular trend.

Second, rose gold provides another color to add for mixing and matching metals as well as materials. The two-tone look for mixing white and yellow gold has been popular for years. Women are now mixing rose gold with either white or yellow gold pieces and sometimes they mix it with both. Rose gold adds another color and dimension. Women mix different gold colors of bangle bracelets, stacking rings, and necklaces to create an individual look.

Cartier helped introduce this look in the late 1920’s when they introduced the Trinity band, a ring made of three intertwining bands of rose, white and yellow gold. Now, women are finding more ways to mix rose gold with other materials for a truly unique look. For example, mixing leather with rose gold has become increasingly popular. Women sport leather bracelets with rose gold bangles to dress up a casual look, and jewelers are pairing rose gold watch faces with leather straps.

Lastly, rose gold’s increasing popularity can be attributed to the growing support of breast cancer awareness. Pink is a symbol of support for victims of breast cancer and serves as a call to action for funding to research possible cures. Rose gold’s soft pink tone is increasingly being associated with the fight against breast cancer.

Customers and fans of rose gold may be surprised to learn that there is actually no such thing as pure rose gold. Gold in its purest form always has a gold or yellow color. But, gold in its purest form is soft. Jewelers have to add other metals to the mixture not only to increase gold’s durability and strength but also to change the color. Rose gold is typically a mix of yellow gold and copper alloy. The ratios can be adjusted to create a deeper or lighter color. The more copper alloy used, the deeper and darker the color.

Throughout history, rose gold has been used decoratively. However, the adoption of rose gold in jewelry first spread in Russia during the 19th century. At that time, it was called “Russian Gold.” Jewelry fans and rose gold fans will be happy to know that rose gold prices are comparable, and many times less expensive, than white and yellow gold pieces. However, as demand increases for rose gold, this may change, increasing its cost and its value.

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