Black Diamond Engagement Rings (How to Buy a Black Diamond)
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Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Black Diamonds have become THE diamonds for current diamond jewelry, surpassing all colored diamond categories. Must be the mystery of the color black. About a decade ago black diamonds were cheap, because most collectors and researchers weren’t interested in them. But a recent marketing campaign put the stones in the spotlight, so prices have risen sharply. Today black diamonds are sold for prices that are (somewhat) comparable to those of white diamonds. Check out how to go about buying black diamonds.

Black diamonds are crystallized carbon, just like regular diamonds. Either the color black occurs due to dark inclusions, or due to changes in a white diamond due to high temperatures or radiation.

  • A natural black diamond is quite rare and naturally very expensive. Most black diamonds occur as irregular black masses called carbonados. (Portuguese for black).Most black diamonds in the market today are treated. Treatment of gemstones is a process that dates back to several centuries. In fact, were it not for these, we wouldn’t know our gemstones as we do. An untreated tanzanite looks nowhere near the form it is used in jewelry as.
  • Black diamonds are treated to achieve that uniformity of black color. This is the norm of the industry, so long as you are not buying a black diamond believing it to be a natural black diamond. Those command astonishingly high prices.
  • Colour enhanced black diamonds are much less expensive than white diamonds. Your budget will go further when choosing a black diamond center stone.

Know what features to look for. A good cut, a smooth surface and a rich color is the pride of black diamonds. Even if treated, a black diamond is very much a real diamond.

  • Learn the Four C’s. All diamonds are evaluated on the basis of Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Black diamonds are no exception. Black diamonds have a simple cut (16 facets). The surfaces should be smooth. Color should be evenly distributed. Clarity refers to presence of inclusions or flaws. Grades are AAA, AA+, AA, A, and I1 with AAA being the best. A black diamond should have a glossy, sparkling surface. Carat is the weight of a diamond. Since the density of a black diamond is greater, a one carat black diamond will appear smaller than a one carat white diamond.
  • A great number of black diamonds on today’s market are not real. They are treated stones or simply dark brown or very dark green diamonds. What’s a real stone? It is difficult to cut and can be much more brittle than other diamonds.
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Beware of misleading ads. Go for terms that say untreated or GIA certified. Fancy black is untreated. When an unusual color is an asset in a diamond, the term ‘fancy’ is used.

Consider a combination with white diamonds. A solitaire black diamond is more for a very strong personality. Combining black diamonds with white ones in a piece of jewelry becomes poetic and enhances the beauty of both the diamonds. Quite a balance between conventional and modern.

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