Behind The Scenes: Stephanie's Wedding Rings
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Friday, May 23, 2014
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The Making of Stephanie's Vintage Inspired Engagement & Wedding Rings

From design concept to gold & diamonds. I absolutely loved handcrafting these custom wedding rings with the lovely Stephanie & Marc.

Step 1: After our meeting at the elegant Shangri-La Hotel, I send the couple 3D Digital renderings of our unique design. After looking at the wedding rings from all angles, they approved the design.

Step 2: Next the ring waxes are carved with a milling machine, making an exact replica of the 3D digital renderings.

Step 3: This is what the rings look like right after being cast in rose gold! They look rough, and need lots of filing and polishing.

Step 4: Once they are polished to a mirror shine, the diamonds are set. Next the milgrain (little dots on the filigree) are carefully pressed into the gold with a hand held rolling tool. The wedding rings are buffed and polished one last time. And Voila!

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