Behind The Scenes Spotlight: Andrea's Custom Engagement Ring
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Friday, October 02, 2015
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Andrea had a unique vision for custom engagement & wedding ring.

She wanted her wedding ring to interlock into the engagement ring design; a chevron band with a single gemstone. She also had an heirloom diamond to incorporate into her ring. As a fashion designer, Andrea was comfortable taking a lead role in the design process.

Step 1: First, Andrea created sketches of her preferred gemstone placement.

Step 2: Next, I created digital renderings in the computer for Andrea to approve. The renderings are like the 'blueprint' for the ring. You get to see the architecture in detail.

Here's a rendering with gemstone placeholders. The gemstones really help to see how the design will come together!

Step 3: Once she was 100% happy, I made an exact replica of her ring with a wax milling machine. Here you can see the ring right after casting in white gold. See how raw it looks? 

Step 4: Time for the final touches! The ring is polished to a mirror shine, the stones are set, then it's dipped in platinum and VOILA!

Have ideas for a project? Your custom creation begins with a conversation! Get in touch with Alexis today to discuss your design and diamond options.
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