Behind Behind The Scenes Spotlight: Carmelina's Custom Pink Tourmaline Ring
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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I teamed up with Carmelina Karas, Editor and C.E.O. of The Wedding Planner Magazine, to create her dream ring.

Step 1: After our design meeting, I sent Carmelina 3D Digital renderings of her custom ring. After looking at the ring from all angles, she approved the design.

Step 2: After Carmelina approved her renderings, I created exact replicas in wax using a 3D digital printer!

Step 3: Next I cast Carmelina's ring in silver, see how raw it looks before I polish it and set the stones?

Step 4: Time for the final touches! The ring is polished to a mirror shine, the stones are set, then it's dipped in platinum and VOILA!

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