3 Women on Why (And How) They Decided To Propose
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015
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Who says men should have all the fun and terror of proposing? Increasingly women are saying, "Hey, I don't need to wait for Leap Year to take charge of my romantic life!" In fact, here three women dish on why they decided to turn the tables and pop the question to their boyfriends.

The Bride Who Did the Old "Ring In the Dessert" Trick
Katherine found it "exciting and memorable" to propose. "I felt empowered and like it was my choice!" Here's how it went down: Last May while her boyfriend was at a weekend business conference in Vegas Katherine arranged for a dinner and yup — had a silver band inserted into the hard chocolate edible box. A photographer captured the once-in-a-lifetime moment. "Sandy was absolutely shocked and I've never seen him that happy!"

Katherine, who is getting married next summer shares, "I'm not one for jewelry, but I tattooed his initials on my ring finger!" She finishes, "I find it endearing that I'm less inclined to plan a large wedding than he is."

The Bride Who Asked on Facebook Messenger
"I consider myself a feminist and decided I wanted to propose," explains Kristen, adding, "Nothing special, just popping the question." The two were carrying on a long-distance relationship with Alejandro having taken a job in the UK. She explains, "With the time difference and our busy schedules, communicating was frequently challenging." What led to her decision to ask that all-important question? "We'd been dating about a year. I had a dream the night before that I proposed and it just felt right. We happened to be talking on Facebook messenger and on a whim I went for it. I hoped for a yes but wasn't exactly sure what his answer would be."

The couple — long-distance no longer! — has been married three years.

The Bride Who Took Matters Into Her Own Hands
Nancy says, "It was Christmas Day 2002. I was at my boyfriend's parents' house with the whole family. All the presents had been opened. Then Bob went behind the tree and bought out a little black box. He handed it to me." Naturally she expected a ring. What she received was diamond earrings. "The disappointment on my face was apparent."

A week later the couple discussed their relationship. Bob asked where she wanted things to go. Her response, "I want to get married." He admitted, "I do too." Although she didn't technically get down on her knees and utter the classic, 'Will you marry me?' line, Nancy's declaration did the trick. This May will be the couple's 12th wedding anniversary.

source: brides.com

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